What happened after applying google adsense Auto Ads to blog

Hello, Gobooki Media Strategy Institute.

Today, we’ll learn about Google Adsense Auto Ads.

For personal experience, it is appropriate to proceed with your own test with Auto Ads to try better forms of advertising.

Google Adsense Auto Ads Overall rating 

google adsense auto ads
google adsense auto ads

– After applying the auto ads, page RPM exposure was increased by 88%, RPM by 66% and estimated earnings by 133%.

– I was able to use the matched contents which I could not apply because of few page views.

– I recommend the auto ads for blog. I don’t recommend them for websites.

※  issue

1) Facebook revoked Gobooki facebook instant article page on 10th of April. So Gobooki website had better readership than before.

2) Gobooki blog google ads had possibility of low performance.

What is auto ads?

– Auto ads use Google’s machine learning to make smart placement and monetization decisions on your behalf, saving you time.

– All you need to do is select the type of ads you want to use.

– The existing AdSense ads are inserted into the source to the ‘body’ of the page that you want to paste your ad code, but auto ads within the ‘head’.


– easy

– typically increased ad revenue

– You can use Matched contents that small page views sites couldn’t use before


– You can not control the position of ads on the websites

– the efficiency can drop rather than an optimized advertising

Gobooki Media Strategy Institute’s existing ads

– Only used Google ads

– Google ads are applied on the top, bottom, right side with responsive style

– Third-party ads were not applied.

comparision between traditional and Auto ads

google auto ads performance
google auto ads performance

comparision period (period: 04/12/2018 – 25/04/2018)

Auto ads wins over the traditional ads above.
Though short period comparision, auto ads are good enough to test for publishers expecially blog.

I recommend automated ad testing to you.

Thank you for reading.
This is Gobooki Institute of Media Strategy. (END)

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