Google announced Google News Indexing disruption

Google cormed Google News indexing disruption. The company reported through its Google Search Status Dashboard that there was an disruption with Google News indexing from June 21st to July 13th (U.S. Pacific Time), affecting all web pages.

Google stated that they became aware of the Google News indexing issue on July 10th and resolved it on July 14th.

The Google Search Status Dashboard was introduced by Google in December 2022, providing information about search incidents and updates.

Google announced Google News Index disruption[Google Search Status Dashboard]
Google announced Google News Indexing disruption[Google Search Status Dashboard]

South Korea online media Gobooki Media previously raised suspicions of simultaneous and multiple crawling failures on many South Korean news sites since April, as stated in a memo revealed on July 6th. However, Google has announced the disruption related to Google News indexing only. (End)

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